Timeline – Rise and Fall of the Islamic State organization in Iraq and Syria

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UNITED STATES (VOP TODAY NEWS) — The US-backed Democratic Syrian government said on Saturday that the Islamic state was in a final defeat in an enclave in the eastern province of Baguoz, ending the state of the “caliphate” that the group had declared and once extended over a third of the territory of Iraq and Syria.

The following is a chronology of the rise of a hijacker and a harsh and precipitous rule that was not easily achieved by the hard-line organization:

* 2004: 2011 – In the chaos that followed the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003, a dissident faction was formed there and changed its name in 2006 to the organization of the Islamic state in Iraq.

* 2011 – The leader of the organization Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi after the start of the Syrian crisis elements there to establish a group of the Islamic state. Baghdadi ended his association with al-Qaeda in 2013 and changed the organization’s name to “the Islamic state in Iraq and Syria.”

* 2014 – The year began with lightning victories for the organization by taking over Falluja in Iraq and Raqqa in Syria at the beginning of the year, then the capture of Mosul and Tikrit in June and the invasion of the border with Syria. From the pulpit of the Grand Mosque in Mosul, al-Baghdadi declared the establishment of a “caliphate” state in areas controlled by the organization, which changed its name to the Islamic state.

And thus began an era of terrorism in those areas. In Iraq, thousands of Yezidis were slaughtered in Sinjar and more than 7,000 women and girls were forced into sexual slavery. In Syria, the organization massacred hundreds of members of the Shu’ait tribe. The organization also severed the heads of foreign hostages in violent scenes.

In September, the United States formed a war coalition against the Islamic state that began air strikes to stop its advance and helped the Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection Forces to force it to retreat from the city of Kobany on the border with Turkey.

* 2015 – Militants in Paris attacked an eccentric newspaper and a halal Jewish food store in a bloody start to a series of attacks claimed by the group around the world. Militants in Libya cut off Christian heads and pledged allegiance to the Islamic state, followed by allegiance from groups in other countries but remained independent in carrying out operations.

In May, the Islamic state organization controlled Ramadi in Iraq and the ancient city of Palmyra in Syria, but its march began to contract by the end of the year in both countries.

* 2016 – Iraq regained control of Fallujah in June, which was the first city controlled by the organization at the start of his victories. In August, Syria’s pro-Syrian Democratic forces, led by Syrian Kurdish people’s protection units, managed to control Manbaj in Syria.

But the advance of Kurdish militants in areas bordering the border has worried Turkey, prompting an attack inside Syria against the units to protect the people and organize the Islamic state. The hostility between Turkey and the People’s Protection Units continued to complicate military operations against the Islamic state.

* 2017 – In that year, the organization was defeated by insidious defeats. He lost control of Mosul in Iraq in June in an operation launched by Iraqi forces after months of fierce fighting and Baghdad announced the end of the state of the “Caliphate” announced by the organization. In September, the Syrian army moved east with Russian and Iranian support towards Deir al-Zour to reinstate state control of the Euphrates region. In October, Syria’s democratic forces managed to expel the Islamic state from al-Raqqa.

* 2018 – The Syrian government restored control of pockets of the Islamic state in Yarmouk south of Damascus and on the border with the occupied Golan Heights. This year, Syria’s democratic forces continued to advance along the Euphrates, while Iraqi forces control the rest of the border area. The United States has pledged to withdraw its forces.

* 2019 – Syria’s democratic forces announce the defeat of militants of the militant organization in the last pocket on the Euphrates River in the village of Al-Bagouz and the disappearance of the Caliphate state.

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