Three asteroids will pass near our planet this weekend

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UNITED STATES (VOP TODAY NEWS) – One of the three celestial bodies that will pass this Saturday near our planet will approach at a distance less than that which separates us from the Moon.

Three asteroids, one of which is 30 meters in diameter – about the size of a blue whale – will fly over our planet this Saturday, reports NASA.

The celestial body named 2018 VS1 will pass 1,386,771 km from the Earth in the night from Friday to Saturday. Only 15 minutes later, another asteroid, the VR1, will pass some five million kilometers from our planet.

Saturday morning, astronomers will observe the passage of the asteroid 2018 VX1, which will pass closer to us than the Moon!

NASA’s experts, quoted by the press, warn, however, that such a rapprochement presents no danger.