Third world war in space

UNITED STATES – The US Intelligence Community has warned in a report of the likely clashes of superpowers in space in the next few years.

A document entitled “A new global assessment of threats against the United States and their allies”, provided by the US Intelligence Community (IC), launches a strong warning about the outbreak of a space war between the superpowers of the United States world.

According to the IC, Russia and China have already started to produce anti-satellite weapons. “They will soon be able to shoot down our satellites in two to three years,” she says.

The IC document whose information has been collected by member agencies, including the CIA, the FBI and the National Security Agency, reports that China and Russia are seeking to promote their localization, telecommunication and security systems. space navigation and increase the number of their satellites, and that would compromise the United States military capability in space.

For their part, the United States has developed its scientific and space capabilities. Their Russian and Chinese rivals did the same. For example, they will be able to orbit meteorological and advanced communications satellites as well as a range of spy satellites and military communications.

“China and Russia are currently developing an arsenal of weapons that can destroy all US satellites in low Earth orbit,” the document says.

The IC says that in the event of a war between the China / Russia tandem and the United States, it would not be restricted to a clash on earth, but that space would be a future battlefield.

If Beijing and Moscow arrive one day to put into service their space weapons, they will become the greatest threats of the century against American security. They have already made changes in their military infrastructure and this shows their true willingness to evolve in power.

The Chinese military reportedly set up specialized units and began “initial operational training with development capabilities, such as anti-satellite missiles launched from the ground”.

The Intelligence Community also believes that Russia probably has a similar class of weapons under development. The two countries are also making progress with the use of directed energy weapons, capable of blurring satellites by blinding sensitive optical sensors such as those used for remote sensing or missile defense.

This document was released a few weeks after Russia, in a similar report, accused the United States of developing spatio-military equipment.

The head of the Russian diplomacy said in this regard that the American attempt to use such weapons in space would compromise order and international security.