The third largest fire in the history of California

The cost of fighting forest fires in California has reached 104 million dollars and the fire has spread over 259 acres. The fire, known as Thomas, is the third largest fire in the state’s history, warning more destruction with renewed strong winds that have fueled the fire since the beginning of the month.

The fire destroyed more than 1,000 buildings including about 750 homes in coastal areas in southern California since it broke out on December 4, according to a statement on forest management and fire protection.

The authorities used more than 8,000 firefighters and tried around the clock to contain flames, extinguish fires and reduce the extent of fires.

Authorities carried out forced evictions in a number of residential compounds in Santa Barbara County, including Carpentria, Monticeto and parts of Ventura province, including Ventura, which was severely damaged by the fire on the first day of the outbreak.

Officials said efforts so far had managed to contain the fire by only 40 percent and thus still threaten 18,000 buildings.

The National Weather Service warned that Santa Ana’s hot winds, which sent fire to the fire and sent fire to other sites, would remain strong throughout Saturday and evening in the Santa Barbara mountains, with winds expected to reach 64 kilometers per hour.

The weather department also warned that winds would hit the Ventura district from Saturday evening to Sunday evening without giving reasons.

The vast area the fire came from was less than 161 kilometers north-west of downtown Los Angeles, and the area that was destroyed by the RIM fire in California in 2013 was more than that.

Reem’s fire was the third largest fire in California’s history before Thomas took his place.