The US Senate has confirmed Mike Pompeo to lead the CIA as Director

Rep. Mike Pompeo of Kansas was lauded by President Donald Trump during Trump’s speech at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia on Saturday.


Trump noted that for many cabinet nominations, he would have to consider eight or nine candidates, but that for the position of CIA Director he saw Pompeo to be a singular fit.

Pompeo graduated at the top of his class at West Point before finishing a law degree at Harvard where he also graduated near the top of his class, Trump noted in the speech. Pompeo will to do a “phenomenal” and “tremendous” job, the President said.

Former CIA Director John Brennan and Trump clashed on numerous occasions. After Brennen criticized Trump for not fully understanding Russia, Trump replied via Twitter, “Oh really, couldn’t do much worse — just look at Syria (red line)…Not good! Was this the leaker of Fake News?”

The confirmation of the CIA director position is likely seen by Capitol Hill as a matter of national security, and less a matter of politics.

Further, Pompeo was tapped for candidacy by DC-insider Reince Preibus, former chairman of the Republican National Committee and current White House Chief of Staff. Preibus’ approval likely indicates broad support among establishment politicians.

A simple majority of the 100 Senate seats was required for Pompeo to officially assume the role as Director of the CIA.