The REAL Dark Backstory Behind Popular Disney Movies

When we think of Disney movies we often think of funny and heart-warming classics which entertained us as kids and continue to entertain us and our children to this day. Thinking back over the past decades, most of the biggest animated hits to come out on film were produced by Disney.

By Nerti U. Qatja@VOP_Today

They were always released to great fanfare and hype, with an array of toys and books released in conjunction to get the most money out of the eager audience. Sure, Disney films were known to have some content that only adults would really get – after all, just check out our video on Subliminal Messages in Children’s Movies.

All in all, however, they make up some of our best childhood memories and some even have a spot on the shelf with our most cherished DVDs and Blurays.

Interestingly, almost every Disney film, whether new or classic, is based on a far older story or tale. For the most part, much of what comes from the studio has its roots in a story written by the likes of Shakespeare, Hans Christian Andersen or the Brothers Grimm.

Naturally, the transition from book to screen has seen some creative editing and reworking of the story over the years. In fact, for many of our favorites, this transition has seen Disney take out a lot of material that could potentially tip the film into R-rated territory.

Sure Disney films are known to have some rather scary or dramatic scenes but if they remained 100% faithful to some of the original material we guarantee it would make for a rather unpleasant children’s film.