The incidence of measles is increasing in Europe

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UNITED STATES (VOP TODAY NEWS) — This week, the head of Rospotrebnadzor, Anna Popova, said that last year, Russians were 3.5 times more likely to have measles than in 2017.

According to the World Health Organization, the same situation is in most European countries.

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Managed infection, from which humanity, according to experts, should have been completely eliminated by 2020, has not gone away. Scientists blame the anti-vaccinations for those who refuse vaccination for religious reasons.

No vaccinations – you get sick

At the beginning of the week, the story of a six-month-old British girl Alba, who got measles, appeared on social networks. Her parents were not afraid to post photos of the child, taken on the eighth day after hospitalization, when the doctors had already taken the most terrible manifestations of the disease – for example, they removed the swelling of the eyes, but it was still hard to look at the pictures.

The whole body is covered with a red rash, a catheter is attached to the back of the palm, a probe sticks out of the nose for feeding.

“It was just unbearable to see our daughter struggling with the disease, especially when she couldn’t open her eyes for four days because of the swelling. The girl was in the dark and was very scared, the fever stayed for more than two weeks. In the hospital scanned, roentgenogram, venous blood sampling, spinal punctures, peripheral venous catheters, smears taken, ECGs taken, fed through a stomach tube, breathed in by oxygen, pumped, depopulated . Yelnia-analgesic, antibiotics All of this could have been prevented if the children had been vaccinated older Alba herself she was too young to be vaccinated, the girl’s mother wrote on her page to Facebook.

There are no such stories in Runet, but of the 2,256 measles cases in our country in 2018, the majority are children.

According to Olga Chernyavskaya, associate professor at the Department of Epidemiology and Evidence-Based Medicine at the Institute of Public Health, Sechenovsky University, children aged under one year old (who receive the first vaccination against measles only at 12 months) and those who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons are at risk.

Vaccinated and recovered with measles saves acquired immunity.

“This year in Moscow there are already about five hundred laboratory-confirmed cases of measles. In general, the highest incidence is in large cities: Moscow and St. Petersburg. At risk, first of all, not vaccinated against measles and who have not had it before,” doctor said.

Imported virus

According to the latest data from the WHO Regional Office for Europe, in some countries we can already speak about the measles epidemic. First of all, we are talking about Ukraine, where in 2018 over 53 thousand cases of infection were registered. The incidence rate is high in Georgia, Serbia and Albania.

“In Russia, statistics are better due to the fact that vaccination coverage in our country, according to Rospotrebnadzor, is about 97 percent. But due to the migration of the population, this virus is imported to us, so the incidence rate in us is also increasing. The infection finds“ combustible material ”- those who is not vaccinated. In addition, we also have those who refuse to vaccinate themselves and their children. Their role in the current situation with measles should not be underestimated, either,” Chernyavskaya believes.

“There is such a thing – collective immunity. In order to get rid of some controlled infection – the one against which there is a valid vaccine – at least 95 percent of the population needs to be vaccinated. measles didn’t do this trick. Too many anti-vaccinations. I don’t know what purpose these people are pursuing. Now any sensible person understands that we are already a vaccine-dependent population. We must be vaccinated, otherwise the epidemics will return again Fektsionnyh diseases,” agrees with a colleague chief infectologist FMBA of Russia, head of the department of infectious diseases and epidemiology, RNRMU named after NI Pirogov, doctor of medical sciences, professor Vladimir Nikiforov.

Measles is a very contagious infection, that is, for infection it is not even necessary to contact the patient, it is enough just to visit the room where he was before. Therefore, the likelihood of becoming infected for an unvaccinated person is almost one hundred percent. Even with the current level of medicine, there is no specific treatment for the virus that causes measles. Doctors simply relieve symptoms with drugs that are not able to affect the course of the disease, much less to speed up recovery. Therefore, during an outbreak of measles in the “unvaccinated world”, the death rate can reach ten percent, with most children dying before the age of five. One third of the patients get severe complications – blindness, encephalitis, diarrhea, pneumonia.

“The mortality rate in the pre-living epoch was very high. And the hospitals where sick children were and where they died from infections were called ‘angelic hospitals.’

Punish the ruble

Opponents of vaccinations, as a rule, refer to a study in 1998 that showed a link between the measles-rubella-parotitis vaccine (MMR) and autism. But, first, this work was withdrawn from the journal in which it was published. This means that falsified data was found in the text, logical errors, or the author was involved in a conflict of interest. Secondly, in 2014, Australian scientists, having studied the data of more than a million vaccinated children, did not find evidence that this vaccine causes autism.

In addition, according to a Cochrane review – an international association of volunteers testing the effectiveness of modern medicine – which analyzed studies on 14 million participants, the MMR vaccine is not associated with the development of autism, asthma, leukemia (blood cancer), urticaria, type 1 diabetes, and disorders walking, bacterial and viral infections.

“Medicine is such a thing that surely out of a million someone will receive a serious reaction to the vaccine. If I say now that this cannot be, it will not be true. In medicine, everything happens. But everything is relative. See how many people died of measles last year in the same Poland, and how many were deaths or some serious complications after vaccination. The figures are incomparable. For example, I have not seen a single person in my life who died from flu or measles vaccine. when anti-vaccines refer to the association of vaccinations with Autism, cancer, some other misfortune, I always say that they do not have enough data to state it. To give such arguments, there must be a huge base – statistical, laboratory (material). And they don’t have that,”- Vladimir Nikiforov notes.

The professor believes that those who refuse vaccinations for themselves and their children, without medical contraindications, must be fought economically. To make all medical services paid for them – after all, they endanger not only themselves, but also those who cannot be instilled for health reasons.

Olga Chernyavskaya believes that no sanctions for refusing to inculcate will help:

“I am opposed to fining them, not letting them into state kindergartens and schools. They need to be targeted for work. A doctor should spend their working time on them. Explain what risks there are if they don’t take root themselves, they will not implant their children, and what undesirable effects can occur after the vaccine has been applied. This should become a daily routine work. Doctors do not like it, but it should be done. Then there are chances to overcome not only measles, but also other infectious diseases.”

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