The fate of many foreigners who have been kidnapped or missing in Syria

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SYRIA (VOP TODAY NEWS) — More than eight years after the outbreak of the conflict, the fate of many foreigners who have been kidnapped or missing in Syria remains unknown. The fall of Khilafah, the Islamic state organization, has yet to reveal any details about them.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) on Monday appealed for information on three of its employees, including New Zealand’s Louisa Akafy, abducted by the extremist organization in Syria in 2013.

The following is a quick presentation of the most prominent hostages and missing persons in Syria whose fate is still unknown.

Louisa Akavi

On October 13, 2013, Akavi, 62, and her colleague, Alaa Rajab and Nabil Qadmouns, were kidnapped after gunmen stopped their cars carrying medical equipment in the northwestern province of Idlib.

The ICRC hid the nurse and drivers for more than five years before deciding to end the silence and make an appeal to see what happened to its staff.

The committee said in a statement that “reliable information” indicates that Akavi was alive by the end of 2018, without being able to obtain information about the drivers.

She was afraid of “losing Louisa’s influence” after the radical organization lost control of the last area it controlled in Syria.

The New York Times reported that at least two people said they saw the nurse in December in a hospital in the eastern town of Sousse before the Syrian forces took control of it.

New Zealand also announced that it had sent special forces to Syria to search for Akavi.

John Cantley

The British journalist was kidnapped with his colleague James Foley during their coverage of the war in Syria in November 2012.

The Islamic State Organization published a video showing Foley’s execution, making it the first foreign hostage executed by the organization, while Cantley appeared in several tapes of the organization reading news reports.

It is not possible to verify whether Cantelli is doing so under pressure and threat.

He appeared for the last time during the battle of the Iraqi city of Mosul in 2016 and appeared to be very tired.

During the campaign of the Syrian Democratic Forces against the last pocket of the radical organization in eastern Syria, there were rumors that Kantli was alive. But the campaign ended without the fate of the British journalist.

“We are aware of the current news that John Cantley is alive, and although this is not currently installed, we still hope and call that that is the truth,” she said in a February tweet on Twitter. “He said.

Gregor Turcanu and Roman Zabolotny

They are believed to be Russian nationals and were kidnapped in September or early October 2017 in the Deir al-Zour area.

The men appeared in a propaganda tape of the organization, without Russia confirming that they were citizens. But a Caucasian group identified them, noting that they were former fighters from southern Russia in their late thirties.

Russian news reports reported that they were mercenaries from a paramilitary group calling themselves “Wagner” who were sending former fighters to Syria to fight alongside the regime’s forces.

A Russian newspaper reported that they had been killed, something that had not been confirmed.

Sky News crew

On October 15, 2013, Sky News Arabia lost contact with its Mauritanian journalist Isaac Mokhtar and Lebanese photographer Samir Kassab.

They were believed to be held by the Islamic state, but their fate remains unknown and are believed to be missing.

Until 2016, he was believed to be alive and detained in the city of al-Raqqa, the former stronghold of Syria.

Austin Taes

Tys, 37, died in August 2012 near Damascus, and his fate remains unknown.

Since his loss, his family has launched an information campaign to demand his release and confirm that she has reasons to believe he is still alive.

No group in Syria or the Syrian government has taken Austin hostage, but Tays’ father believed at the end of 2018 that “the Syrian government is the best to help us bring Austin back safely.”

In September 2018, the US special envoy on hostage affairs, Robert O’Brien, said there were reasons to believe that Teys was still in Syria and alive.

Thais was an independent journalist with several media outlets, including the Washington Post and CBS. It also cooperated with AFP, the BBC and the Associated Press.

Father Paolo Dallio

A famous Jesuit priest known in Syria as a result of his activity for interfaith dialogue. He founded the monastery of the monastery of Mar Musa, north of Damascus, before the Syrian government asked him to leave the country in 2012 because of his opposition to the regime.

In 2013, Father Paolo returned to Syria to settle in areas beyond the control of government forces, and his kidnapping of the organization near Raqqa in the same year.

There were reports of his execution and his throwing into a hole, but no one confirmed his death. Rumors of his fate were also rife during the recent campaign against the organization, including that he was still alive, but it remained within the rumors and ended the battle losing the extremist organization without being clear its fate.

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