The greatest lie he has ever told is convincing the world. He does not exist even many professing Christians go through life as if there is not an enemy prowling around seeking to devour them.

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Satan in scripture is called the “god” of this world the prince of the power of the air. He is leading sinful man to their own destruction placing the riches of this world and power inront of their eyes. Satan is also using the entertainment industry to preach his corrupted teachings and symbols. The Illuminati of Hollywood is nothing more than a wing of Satans deception Illuminati stars like Jay z, Rihanna Illuminati the WWE. Illuminati and Hollywood movies are raising up a generation in the teachings of the devil BE SOBER BROTHERS AND SISTERS FOR OUR ADVESARY THE DEVIL RAOMS ABOUT LIKE A LION SEEKING WHOM HE MAY DEVOUR.

Children of God this battle is not won by flesh and blood but by the Spirit do not stand up to your enemy or temptations in your own streangth but with the weapon of the Bible the Word of God to combat every lie of the devil with the power that is given to us through the Holy Ghost by which we are sealed.