The Connection between 1995 Illuminati Card Game and Donald Trump President

The chilling Illuminati card game was first introduced to the world in 1995.

The Illuminati game has a lot of ambiguity associated with it. Apparently, a family game for aged 12 and above, that consists of more than 100 cards, has a sinister side of it.

Many believe it to be a conspiracy of a secret society, consisted of the elites of the world. Their sole purpose is to design a new world order.

There are many cards that seem to have some meaningful images that strike great resemblance to the great events that actually occurred later on.

It’s a mystery how a card game can predict so much about the things that have not yet come to pass.

The major incidents predicted by Illuminati card game include the fatal incident of 9/11 (that actually changed the world order), deadliest tsunami of Japan (tidal wave card), rise of ISIS and Jihad, rise of mass shootings in US, death of the lovely princess Diana (even the card has predicted her death to be caused by media), one card shows a deadly oil spill causing damage to the wildlife there.

It directly indicates a heart wrenching incident of BP leak off East Grand Terre Island in 2010.

Another deadly card portrays the devastated image of world war 3 that clearly shows the use of nuclear weapons.

Are we going to enter that era???

Then we can see a card showing the end of the world by getting hit by a giant meteor.

Would that be the end of time???

The most debated card of the whole Illuminati card game these days is ‘charismatic leader’.

It portrays a popular man with blonde hair addressing a big crowd. Some are suggesting this man to be Donald Trump (a man with blonde hair).

And we see that how within days Trump got immense following in spite of being a controversial personality.

But this is not it. There is another mysterious card naming ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. This card is indicating the assassination of a famous man.

It clearly messages that ‘our snipers are always following you and they can hit you any time and at any place’.

The image on the card has sharp resemblance with Donald Trump’s face.

And some conspiracy theorists are relating it to a possible threat to the life of the new US president Donald Trump.

And we have seen that Trump had to face some life-threatening moments while he was campaigning for the elections.

And some say that he himself can be a member of Illuminati secret society.

Nothing can be determined about this Illuminati card game.

Has it something to do with all the above mentioned real-life incidents or is it just a coincidence.

I am still confused.

But your opinions on it are warmly welcome.

Share your views. Is it really a conspiracy or just a silly family game to play on a weekend?