The Thai authorities have forbidden financial institutions to conduct any operations with crypto-currencies. Now banks will not be able to buy and sell the crypto currency, exchange it and create trading platforms. In addition, financial institutions are prohibited from providing loans to customers for the purchase of digital money.

According to the authorities of the kingdom, the danger of crypto currency is that they can be used in the shadow economy for money laundering and terrorist financing. So, Thailand joined the supporters of tight control over the market of crypto-currencies.

In early February, all the sites related to the topic of crypto-currency blocked the authorities of China. In the fall, crypto-exchange exchanges and trading floors were banned in the PRC. This measure proved to be ineffective: traders did not abandon trade, and began to do this through foreign sites.

Then in the United States from January 1, introduced taxes on the exchange of bitcoins. The European Commission urged financial regulators to update the rules urgently to cope with the instability of the crypto currency, while the Indian authorities promised to “take any measures to eradicate the use of crypto-active assets as a payment system.”

The market doubts that in the near future the bitcoin rate may grow significantly. Analysts JPMorgan and do predict the decline of the bitcoin to $ 4 605, then almost 50% less than the current levels.

At the same time, analysts admit that they are impressed by the ability of bitcoin to rise after a recent fall, and argue that the fate of the crypto currency will be decided only if it can not break through the resistance indicated above. If she can do it, she can return to the channel $ 14,334-16,304.

At the time of writing, the bitcoine rate fell by 3.5% to $ 8,502. All other crypto-currencies from the top ten are also in the “red zone” according to the data CoinmarketCap. The total capitalization of the Crypto-currency was $ 411 billion, the index of bitcoin dominance was 34.9%.

At the same time, it is possible to note a number of news on individual leading crypto-currencies. For example, one of the largest money transfer operators in the Middle East from the UAE – the UAE Exchange – announced that it will use the Ripple software code to process payments around the world in real time. Under the agreement, the organization will join the RippleNet payment system, which includes already 100 countries and financial institutions.

At the same time, Litecoin investors may be alarmed by the news that an unofficial fork of this crypto currency will take place next Sunday. The founder of Litecoin Charlie Lee has already expressed his opinion that this crypto currency does not need a technological update, and he suggests that the fork organizers act out of fraudulent motives.