A news network announced that IS elements in Syrian al-Bukmal are fleeing to US-backed areas.

According to the International Tendency News Agency , Al-Maidan News Correspondent reported that elements of the ISIS terrorist group are fleeing Syrian al-Bakemal to US-backed “democratic forces” areas.

The Syrian army and its allies are also clearing the free zones in the city of Albuquerque on the resistance axis.

According to reports, ISIS is only present in a narrow trough in Bhopal, and the Syrian army is moving ahead in the city.

Reports indicate that the Syrian army has recovered more than 80 percent of the city of Albuquerque.

Syrian Al-Shorfa also reported that the final victory over ISIL in Syria will be announced over the next few days.

The correspondent of the network in al-Bukmalm said the complete collapse of al-Bukmalem means a complete fall of ISIL

The news network said that 98 percent of the Syrian territory occupied by ISIS was now dominated by the military.