Terror influx in Idlib: will China finally commit?

UNITED STATES, WASHINGTON (VOP TODAY NEWS) — After the strike on the mega Turkish military convoy for the terrorists of Khan Sheikhoun and the aerial incident between the Su-35 Russians and the Turkish F-16 in the sky of Hmeimim, there is no longer any doubt: Russia has broken its “patience” strategic, even to face Turkey militarily, whatever the cost. But as hundreds or even thousands of Chinese terrorists cross Turkish borders every month to get to Idlib and fight against the Syrian army and its allies, what could be Beijing’s reaction? Since the blaze of Hong Kong, Beijing has come out of its usual reserve to take a position very clearly and decidedly the events of Idlib are no exception to the rule.

A few hours before the Syrian Army makes a clear breakthrough in the strategic city of Khan Sheikhoun, China warned against the persistence of “terrorist organizations”, like Daesh, by demanding that the international community not ignore the signs a resurgence of terrorism. Xie Xiaoyan, the Peking envoy to Syria, said this way: “There is now a risk that terrorist organizations like Daesh will be revived. The international community should pay attention.”

For observers who are well aware of Beijing’s keen concern to see its citizens leave western China to engage on the war front under the Turkish flag, these remarks are far from innocuous. The Chinese diplomat met in Geneva with the United Nations Special Envoy for Syria, Geir Pedersen. “The situation in Idlib is very complicated. We all know that this is the last bastion of some terrorist organizations … So it’s a problem to be solved. The fight against terrorism is not over yet.”

The experts can not fail to see through these words a Chinese desire to become more involved in the war against terrorists in Idlib. Will China be ready to send forces to Idlib?

“This prospect could indeed be realized if the influx of Qaeda terrorists of Chinese origin continues towards the north of Syria.We know that these militiamen are among the most motivated and bloodthirsty terrorists who have a slogan:” We go to Syria to make the battle to return to China to engage the war “, estimates an expert.

A Syrian Foreign Ministry official said that the country’s army had opened a humanitarian corridor in the northern suburbs of Hama and the southern outskirts of Idlib to evacuate civilians from areas where seized terrorists.

“The Syrian government has announced that the army has established a humanitarian corridor in the city of Souran, on the northern outskirts of Hama, to save the lives of civilians,” he said. He added: “Citizens wishing to leave the areas where terrorists are killing in the northern suburbs of Hama and south of Idlib can go to this crossing point. ”

“That being said, Asian terrorists infiltrated from Turkish territory will no doubt be the last to surrender, and China will have to deal with this issue more seriously and even see it as a national security danger. Turkish capitulation at the last minute.This is far from being achieved.Turkey is determined to keep the ground conquered, and especially its observation posts.And as long as these positions are there the terrorists will be trafficked from the west of China. to Syria and Iraq, adds the expert.


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