Taliban militants killed in northern Afghanistan

Gunmen were killed by an early bomb blast in Kunduz province in northern Afghanistan on Wednesday night, an army official said on Wednesday.

“Taliban militants were carrying an improvised explosive device (IED) in the municipality of Karachaz in Emam Sahib district last night,” said Abdul Khalil, a press officer of the Bamir 20 military battalion in the northern region, before arriving at the place to be planted The bomb exploded, the device exploded suddenly, killing gunmen instantly and wounding two others. ”

The area on the border of Tajikistan has become the scene of violent clashes between the Taliban and security forces after Afghan forces launched an attack there recently.

The Taliban and the Islamic state are using improvised explosive devices to target security forces, but lethal weapons also cause civilian casualties.

The Afghan Defense Ministry said earlier on Twitter that the army found 33 improvised explosive devices and landmines and deactivated elsewhere in the country since Tuesday.

In addition, the army in neighboring Balkh province arrested seven suspected gunmen in the village of Muhammad in the Shimal region. The detainees were transferred to a military camp for questioning, according to Khalil.

Fighting has increased in Afghanistan, where Taliban violence has spread from its traditional strongholds in the south and east to the peaceful region of the north, where the young Taliban are recruiting.