Wednesday, July 26, 2017
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Torrential rain batters northwest China’s Shaanxi Province, VIDEO

Torrential rain batters northwest China's Shaanxi Province on Sunday, yellow-level lightning alert issued. There are no casualties reported so far, told China Global Television Network.

WOOW, St. Petersburg covered with piles of ‘snow’ in July ?

Fancy throwing snowballs in summer or going barefoot and T-shirt-clad during a ‘snowfall’ in July? This weekend in St. Petersburg, Russia would have been perfect after a heavy hailstorm hit the city, told Russian RT. On Saturday, streets in St. Petersburg were covered with piles...

Thousand in N Japan to leave their homes due to heavy rain caused major flooding

Many people in northeast Japan were told to evacuate their homes on Sunday as heavy rain caused major flooding and cut some rail links, told Reuters quoting Japan authorities. Almost 25,000 people in Akita prefecture were ordered to evacuate and around 65,000 more people were...

Six die, 1,000s taken to hospital in Japan heat wave

Some 7,680 people sought medical treatment complaining of heat stroke symptoms while six patients died amid a fierce heat wave scorching Japan, the nation’s Fire Service Agency reported. About 170 people required prolonged treatment. The number of patients doubled compared to the week before, with roughly...

Tropical Storm Talas kills at least 14 people in Vietnam

Tropical Storm Talas has claimed at least 14 lives and damaged buildings and roads across northern and central Vietnam after making landfall on Monday morning. According to Vietnam's Central Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control, the storm has destroyed nearly 500 houses and...

74,000 evacuated due to heavy rain pummels in central Japan

Central Japan was pummeled by heavy rain on Friday with rivers flooding in Aichi and Gifu prefectures, prompting local authorities to initially instruct 74,000 residents in the area to evacuate their homes, told Xinhua news. The Japan Meteorological Agency said that as of Friday morning,...

Shocking footages show torrential downpour hit sw China

Shocking footages show torrential downpour hit the city of Chengdu in southwest China on Thursday.

China floods, over one and a half million people have been forced to flee their homes

Chinese authorities say floods and landslides have killed dozens of people in the central Hunan Province while over one and a half million more have been forced to flee their homes due to torrential rains. Tens of thousands of houses collapsed while nearly 350,000 buildings...

400,000 people leaving their homes in Japan due to heavy rain and overflowing rivers

Overflowing rivers caused by heavy rain in southern Japan forced the evacuation of nearly 400,000 people, NHK said on Wednesday. "Rivers are bursting their banks and there are landslides," told Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga. ''This could lead to large-scale damage. The prime minister has...

At least 56 people killed, 22 missing as heavy rains continue in S. China

China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs said Tuesday, at least 56 people have been killed and another 22 reported missing as heavy rains continue to pummel southern China, flooding towns, cutting off power and halting traffic, reported Yahoo news.  As much as 48.6 centimeters (19 inches)...