Thursday, July 20, 2017
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Why is there a base on Google Mars ?

The chances of anything coming from Mars have taken a downward turn with the finding that the surface of the red planet contains a “toxic cocktail” of chemicals that can wipe out living organisms. Experiments with compounds found in the Martian soil show that they...

Underground explosion rocks Mexican town

Underground explosion rocks Mexican town -- Residents in a sleepy Mexican town fear that a new volcano is bubbling underground after an eruption of gas and smoke emerged from a field, local media say. Local residents gathered at the site with preliminary investigations revealing that the...

Real life Alien locations on Earth

We all suspect that we’re not alone in the Universe. Theories abound with regard to ancient aliens visiting the planet. We don’t think a lot of these are convincing enough to take seriously. There are a few sites, however, that remain unexplained. These next 5 real...

How smartphones late night usage affects mental health in children

The world’s first long-term assessment of adolescent mental health regarding late night mobile phone usage examined student’s quality of sleep, along with mood, aggression, coping skills, self esteem and whether they were experiencing any symptoms of depression.

US decided to send its B-52 bombers to Europe

The US has decided to send its B-52 bombers to Europe. They went to join the NATO drills, and to patrol the seas bordering Russia. RT's Anastasia Churkina has more.

VLADIMIR PUTIN — The Symbol of Russian Power

Whether it’s annexing territories, crushing his opponents or posing for photo ops, Vladimir Putin is not just the president, he's a symbol of Russian power. In this episode of Bloomberg Profiles, we explore how Vladimir Putin went from tough kid, to KGB spy, to one...

Battle For Mosul — Exclusive drone view of new ISIS car bombs ‘in action’

In footage released a day ago, we see vehicle borne IED attacks in what remains of ISIS held Mosul (around 9% of the city). I put the biggest one at the beginning and the rest are in order. Video --

Over 45.000 patients cured of cancer with this natural drink

Over 45.000 Patients Cured Of Cancer With This Natural Drink - Cure Cancer Photo
An Austrian doctor became world wide famous because of his specific drink that has cured a lot of people afflicted from serious diseases. People call it the “Breuss Total Cancer Treatment” and this method already benefited a lot of people. The doctor Rudolf Breuss dedicated...

Making you feel a lot of ways: People Are Really Conflicted About This Nude Claymation Video

Hi, stranger: Prepare to be deeply disturbed, but somehow also oddly soothed. ______ Artist Kirsten Lepore uploaded the claymation video “Hi Stranger” (above) to YouTube Monday and reactions have been interesting to say the least. At first glance, the clip, which features a nude, dead-eyed clay man with...

Bayer and Monsanto – Is A Match Made In Hell

Bayer Monsanto Is A Match Made In Hell - Bayer Monsanto Photo
German drug and crop chemical maker Bayer clinched a $66 billion takeover of U.S. seeds company Monsanto, ending months of wrangling with a third sweetened offer that marks the largest all-cash deal on record. ______ The $128-a-share deal, up from Bayer's previous offer of $127.50 a...