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Biochemist Dennis Hill kills his own cancer using Cannabis Oil

Biochemist Dennis Hill Kills Own Cancer Using Cannabis Oil
Prostate cancer affects 1 in 7 men during their lifetimes. The only traditional ways to combat this disease are chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, which can cause terrible side effects in patients. For this reason, many people choose gentler ways of healing. Dennis Hill is one...

Canada to unveil legislation to fully legalize recreational of marijuana use

The government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will unveil legislation on Thursday to fully legalize recreational marijuana use, making Canada only the second country to do so, after Uruguay. ______ Its legalization and regulation would follow in 2018, in time for Canada's national day on July...

Historic breakthrough: Netherlands passed a bill to decriminalize cannabis cultivation

Dutch lawmakers have made a “historic breakthrough” on marijuana legalization, passing a measure in the lower house of Parliament to decriminalize cannabis cultivation. ______ MPs narrowly passed a bill Tuesday that would build on the country’s existing policies of relaxed enforcement of marijuana consumption and sale. However,...

Colombia marijuana protest

A youth smokes marijuana during a protest against new police code that sets fines for using drugs in public or in the open, in Bogota, Colombia, Monday, Jan. 30, 2017. (AP Photo/Fernando Vergara)

Marijuana sales grew by an unprecedented 30% in 2016 to $6.7 billion in US and Canada

North American marijuana sales grew by an unprecedented 30% in 2016 to $6.7 billion as the legal market expands in the U.S. and Canada, according to a new report by Arcview Market Research. ______ UNITED STATES - North American sales are projected to top $20.2 billion...

CONFIRMED: Marijuana can treat bone fractures and helps in organ transplants

CONFIRMED Marijuana can treat bone fractures and help in organ transplants
The latest marijuana benefits just discovered are that it can treat bone fractures and also help in organ transplants. It is now clear that marijuana has a medicinal value, with some researchers constantly using what little resources they have to demonstrate the point. The results...

Pennsylvania to issue permits on medical marijuana program over the next months

Pennsylvania will take applications to grow and distribute medical marijuana over the next couple of months with hopes of having the system up and running by mid-2018, health officials said Wednesday. ______ HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania, United States - AP told, Health Secretary Karen Murphy said permit applications...

Regular marijuana use could damage eyesight, new research warns

Cannabis 'affects your eyesight': Study finds regular marijuana use damages link between retina and brain. A small study in France has found prolonged marijuana use could wear down retinal ganglion cells, the nerves that sit just behind the retina. ______ NANCY, France -Pole Hospitalo-Universitaire de Psychiatrie du...

Happy Birthday – Learn how to make a Marijuana Cake, recipe

How To Make A Marijuana Cake for you and your friends birthday. Whether it’s your birthday, a different celebration, or just because you want to get baked, marijuana cake is a fantastic choice. ______ PORTLAND, Oregon, United States  - Below is a recipe that was sent to...

Uruguay opens Marijuana Museum, a way to connect people who love nature, art and science

Marijuana-friendly Uruguay will soon have a museum dedicated to pot. "It is a way to connect people who love nature, art and science," said the director of the museum, Eduardo Blasina. ______ MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay - Great marijuana lovers. Now there is a great way for the people...

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