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Parent’s nightmare: If the food runs out, my children will die

Bulama is experiencing any parent’s nightmare: “If the food runs out, my children will die.” He and his family have been living in Custom House, an IDP camp in Borno State, northeast Nigeria, for almost a year. They were driven from their home after Boko...

The video will change the way you see food

This video will change the way you see food. #Zerohunger starts with you.

Quit smoking and avoid alcohol with this herb you can grow at home

Want To Quit Smoking Quit Smoking And Avoid Alcohol With This Herb You Can Grow at Home - Stevia Photo
We all know that smoking is bad for our health. But, for some people, quitting is the toughest thing on this planet. Nicotine is what actually makes you keep smoking. It is highly addictive, and makes the body crave for more. So, the more you...

Biochemist Dennis Hill kills his own cancer using Cannabis Oil

Biochemist Dennis Hill Kills Own Cancer Using Cannabis Oil
Prostate cancer affects 1 in 7 men during their lifetimes. The only traditional ways to combat this disease are chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, which can cause terrible side effects in patients. For this reason, many people choose gentler ways of healing. Dennis Hill is one...

Over 45.000 patients cured of cancer with this natural drink

Over 45.000 Patients Cured Of Cancer With This Natural Drink - Cure Cancer Photo
An Austrian doctor became world wide famous because of his specific drink that has cured a lot of people afflicted from serious diseases. People call it the “Breuss Total Cancer Treatment” and this method already benefited a lot of people. The doctor Rudolf Breuss dedicated...

Bayer and Monsanto – Is A Match Made In Hell

Bayer Monsanto Is A Match Made In Hell - Bayer Monsanto Photo
German drug and crop chemical maker Bayer clinched a $66 billion takeover of U.S. seeds company Monsanto, ending months of wrangling with a third sweetened offer that marks the largest all-cash deal on record. ______ The $128-a-share deal, up from Bayer's previous offer of $127.50 a...

14 powerful natural antibiotics to fight any infection – 100% natural, effective and completely safe to use

14 Powerful Natural Antibiotics To Fight Any Infection
Even though antibiotics are able to provide temporal results by killing or slowing down the growth of the bacteria, the problem is that the bacteria can become resistant to this treatment. ______ While antibiotics kill off bacteria, they also destroy the beneficial bacteria in the intestines,...

Unique new study reveals major differences between GMO corn and its non-GMO parent

GMO Corn
Scientists have identified major molecular differences between a GMO corn and its non-GMO parent. A unique new study published on December 19 in the scientific journal Nature has used molecular profiles to reveal major differences in composition between a GMO corn and its non-GMO parent....

Why You Should NEVER Eat Fast-Food Anymore, studies

Stop Eating Fast Food: Why Fast Food Is Slowly Killing You Eight in 10 Americans eat fast food at least once a month and half eat it every week according, to a Gallup Poll. Yet most people who eat fast foodknow it’s bad for them....

Bill Gates and Rockefeller Foundations on GMO Depopulation in Africa

Bill Gates and Rockefeller Foundations on GMO Depopulation in Africa
The Gates and Rockefeller Foundations are pushing a phony second ‘green revolution’ in Africa based on corporate-control of Monsanto GMO drought crops and another round of depopulation, writes Mathew Ogunsina, What’s worse, the Obama Administration appointed former Monsanto-lawyer Michael R. Taylor to the FDA and...