Syrian army starts clean-up operations around Hama

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SYRIA (VOP TODAY NEWS) — Syrian army forces repelled an attack by terrorists on the Kafr Nabuda area and continued their operations in northern Hama province before entering the city of al-Habit.

In recent days, Syrian forces have managed to liberate several cities and areas like Qalaat al-Madiq and Kafr Nabuda, which are among the main headquarters of terrorist groups such as the Front al-Nusra and Jaïch al-Izza.

The elements of the al-Nusra Front and the al-Jabhat al-Wataniya al-Tahrir (National Liberation Front) terrorist coalition launched a major attack on Friday, May 10, to recapture Kafr Nabuda.

The terrorist elements carried out operations against three axes against the Syrian army: the axis of Kafr Nabuda, the axis of Sahel al-Ghab until al-Karrat and the axis of al-Hamam Eat in the north of Hama, who are controlled by the Syrian army, reported the site linked to opposition Enab Baladi.

The Syrian army continues its military operations to the Tal al-Sakhr area in the north and west of Hama.

“The Syrian army managed to take control of the city of al-Mustriha near Mount Shahchabou on Saturday, May 11,” said Enab Baladi.

The city is also on the Turkish Patrol Road four kilometers south of the Turkish checkpoint in Shah al-Maghar district. Syrian Army forces intend to continue advancing in this area.

The al-Nusra Front claimed that the Syrian army had tried five times to advance on the al-Kharrat axis, but that the elements of this group had prevented it.

Continued air strikes on terrorist positions in southern Idlib and in northern and western Hama

In addition to the ground operations of the Syrian army, Syrian and Russian warplanes continued to bomb the positions of terrorists from the southern rift of Idlib to the north and west rims of Hama.

The Syrian Army intends to liberate the village of Sahel al-Ghab by concentrating its operations on the Harach al-Karkat axis towards the village of Meydan Ghazal.

The failure of terrorists is patent

Also recognizing the inability of the terrorists to return to areas recently liberated by the Syrian army, the Lebanese news site Al-Madan reported: “The terrorist groups have tried in vain in recent days to attack from several axes to to reconquer Kafr Nabuda.”

Al-Madan, while acknowledging that these groups could not change the situation, claims that a number of Syrian forces have been killed in terrorist attacks.

After announcing the establishment of a coordination chamber between terrorist groups in this area, Al-Madan pointed out that the Syrian army had responded to terrorist attacks in the northern rift of Hama and the southern ridge of Idlib and that fighter jets had also bombed the positions of terrorists in several areas, including Kafr Zeita, Khan Cheikhoun and Ma’arrat al-Numan.

The Syrian Army near the largest headquarters of armed groups in the northern rift of Hama

Al-Madan said the Syrian army planned to enter al-Habit, but that goal had not yet been reached.

In fact, al-Habit is the line of fortifications defending terrorist positions in Kafr Zeita and al-Tamana. Before the Syrian Army took control of Qalaat al-Madiq, it served as a defense line. If the Syrian army manages to liberate al-Habit, it will be able to clear this important area of ​​the presence of the terrorists.

Turki al-Hassan, an expert on strategic issues for the Syrian army, said Syrian forces waited eight months for the Sochi agreement between Russia and Turkey to create de-escalation zones in Idlib. but Turkey showed ill-will and procrastination, which led the Syrian forces to retake Idlib.

Al-Hassan told the Al-Alam news channel that the Syrian army had managed to take over 12 cities and areas, and all of them are important because they cut off any communication between the south-west and north-west rims. west of Idlib.

He also stressed the importance of Kafr Nabuda. “The recovery of this city could facilitate the liberation of the heights of Jabal al-Zawiya,” he said.

The expert said that Qalaat al-Madiq was more important than Kafr Nabuda because it was considered the main stronghold of the al-Nusra Front and other terrorist groups.

In recent hours, Syrian army units have attacked the positions of the al-Nusra Front, defended by hundreds of foreign mercenaries operating in the locality of Has in the southern suburbs of Idlib, according to SANA correspondent.

The correspondent stressed that the strikes had resulted in the neutralization of a number of terrorists and the destruction of several positions used to carry out attacks against secure areas.

Near the administrative border separating the provinces of Hama and Idlib, other units of the army conducted intensive operations against the passage of terrorists in the areas between the two villages of Hiche and Kafar Sijen, operations that resulted in several dead and wounded in the ranks of terrorists, some of whom had machine guns.


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