The Syrian army, backed by allied forces, took control of 15 new villages in the southern suburbs of Aleppo on Saturday, after the last grouping and fortifications of the Al-Nusra Front and associated groups there were eliminated.

The Syrian news agency SANA quoted a correspondent in Aleppo as saying that units of the army and allied forces continued to advance in the villages and areas where the militants of the Nasra Front and allied groups were deployed in the southern countryside of Aleppo.

The army regained control of Qaiqan, Ayyubiyah, Kafr Abish, Safa, Tilil al-Safa, Kufr Kar, Banan, Umm Jiran, Al-Barman, Al-Rumman Tower, Hafrat al-Hoss, Abu Ghatta and Jib Jassim.

“The operations of the army have been accurate and fast in implementation and resulted in the elimination of many terrorists and the destruction of their weapons and equipment and engineering units and villages and towns to remove the mines and explosive devices planted by terrorists between the homes of citizens and the main streets and public squares.”

In the past two days, units of the army have also taken control of the villages of Umm Anaksh, Salihiya, Hussain Daher, Tala Sila, Jib al-Atnash, Faqani, Jib al-Atahn, Sahhur, al-Hardana, al-Asadi, Rtam al-Amish, Huwair al-Hoss, al-Banawi, Jabb al-‘A’ami, Umm Khan and Umm al-Amad Qabali from the ranks of the Nusra FrontĀ terrorists.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the government forces were able to restore 10 new villages in the southern Aleppo countryside today, expanding their control in the area.

The number of villages controlled by the army since Jan. 10 in the area has risen to at least 49, they said.

The activists said the progress was “the result of continued intensive bombing by the Syrian army and the villages that are still outside his control in the southern Lebanese countryside.”

This progress comes in the context of the escalation of the Syrian government forces attack since December 25 on the armed factions of the organization “Liberation of the Sham”, which is the “front of victory” military pillar south of Aleppo and the north-east of Idlib province.

The military operation in the countryside of Idlib leads the Syrian elite forces of the “tiger” group led by Brig. Suhail Hassan supported by the “Jerusalem Brigade”, which has become on the outskirts of the strategic airport Abu Dahour.

Activists say the progress, which has been achieved today in the southern countryside of Aleppo towards the countryside of Idlib and Abu Dahour airport, has reduced the distance between the Syrian forces in the two regions to less than 6 kilometers.