SYRIA / ISRAEL (VOP) – The significant silence of the United States on the recent tensions between Iran and Israel has greatly worried the Israelis and led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu regarding the Pentagon’s respect for its commitment to Tel Aviv. The question now is: who should Israel rely on now?

A few hours after Iran and Israel embarked on the first military skirmish in their troubled history, which resulted in an Israeli F-16 crash by the Syrian DCA, the United States remained silent.

“Saturday, February 10, we realized that Israel has illusory ideas on two issues: First, he thinks he can be safe in the long term of the ongoing internal war in Syria. Secondly, he hoped that under Donald Trump’s presidency, the United States would be a more reliable ally for Tel Aviv. But twelve hours after the Saturday incident that resulted in the destruction by the Syrian DCA of an Israeli army F-16, the United States remained silent,” the Daily Beast wrote .

In a statement released on Saturday, the Syrian army’s headquarters categorically rejected Israel’s claim that “an Iranian drone infiltrated Israel in the night from Friday to Saturday. ”

“It’s a lie. Before the Syrian DCA responded, Israeli fighters targeted a base of Syrian drones in the T-4 base east of Homs, in clear support of Daesh terrorists,” he said, in the press release.

The fall of this Israeli fighter has been the most important achievement of the Syrian army since the 1982 Lebanese war. These developments have a negative impact on the decisions of Benjamin Netanyahu, including reducing tensions with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

During his January 30 visit to Moscow, Netanyahu focused his talks with Vladimir Putin on Iran and Syria. On Monday night, at the end of this meeting, Netanyahu tried to show his satisfaction by saying that his interviews with his host had been “good” but the “show” did not convince anyone: instead of reporting Putin’s supposed answers to his concerns, as he had to be, Netanyahu resumed his allegations against Iran, going as far as the “threat of war.”

On Saturday evening, hours after the incident, the Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement in which it expressed Moscow’s dissatisfaction with the Israeli airstrikes on Syria.

“We do not admit in any way that a danger threatens the lives of Russian servicemen in Syria. All countries must respect Syrian national sovereignty. We call on all parties to exercise restraint and to refrain from any act that would complicate the situation,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

In the present state of things, who can count Israel on?

In the United States, Donald Trump deals with his political conflicts with the Democrats, the FBI and the Department of Justice. He therefore pays attention to the record of possible Russian interference in the US presidential elections.

Netanyahu told the Israelis that he had spoken with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who was on a regional visit to the Middle East and did not have a clear goal for his tour.

In the last hours of Saturday, February 10, the Pentagon issued a statement in which it sympathized with Israel, while stressing that it was not involved in the Israeli intervention in Syria.