Strangers in the sky: the US military is interested in new UFO

ALIENS Messages Coming from the Stars are ‘Probably’ from Aliens - Scientists Say - Photo
ALIENS Messages Coming from the Stars are ‘Probably’ from Aliens - Scientists Say - Photo

UNITED STATES (VOP TODAY NEWS) — The US Navy is developing a system that will allow pilots who have noticed unidentified flying objects to easily report on it, CNN reported.

The new directive will lead to a systematization of the process of collecting and analyzing information on inexplicable phenomena, writes the Gazeta news website.

A representative of the navy told the chain that the military did not talk about contacts with potential extraterrestrials, but that in recent years cases of entry into the US airspace of unidentified flying objects were quite common.

“The United States Navy and Air Force are investigating every case to ensure security,” he said.

According to the information website Politico , these reports will use the term “unidentified aerial phenomenon” (PAN or UAP for Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) and not “unidentified flying object” (UFO).

The CNN interlocutor is convinced that this new system will make it possible to analyze all the information of this nature.

Indeed, in recent times, information on the presence of UFOs in the American sky is increasing. In most cases, this happens near military bases. At the end of 2018, the inhabitants of Ohio were confronted with an inexplicable phenomenon, then reported the Express.

On the images captured by a witness, a triangular flying object was visible near a military base of the State. The author of the video explained that the “object flew over the area at least three times”, but it was difficult to watch the flying craft shining because of its high brightness.

Most users of social networks have assumed that the observed phenomenon could result from experiments conducted by the military.

Others drew attention to the form and the lights emitted by the object. According to them, the witness allegedly filmed the mythical American reconnaissance aircraft TR-3 B capable of performing suborbital flights at hypersonic speeds using stealth technologies.

In November 2018, another American filmed lights in the sky at the coast of North Carolina. He posted his video on YouTube assuming it was a UFO. The man declared that he was fishing and that around 9 pm he would have noticed a bright light still in the sky. For an hour this last changed intensity, and other lights were also twinkling around her. At one point this light went out for half an hour, then lit again.

“When it reappeared, it became sometimes more intense, sometimes more subdued, and the number of lights increased to four, but overall it did not move,” said the author of the video.

However, internet users assumed that the American had simply filmed spherical lightning or the lights of an airplane. Some have advanced the combustion version of a gas torch on an oil platform.

An inexplicable phenomenon also occurred in August 2017 in the southern Nevada sky, above a military base. Ufologists have said that aliens are constantly flying over the famous Zone 51.

On the recording – which sparked debates – we can see a strange aerodynamic object fly over a territory where, according to some information, all the secret weapons and all the new American flying devices are being developed. Knowing that this supposed UFO did not look like a “classic” flying saucer and that during its flight the object emitted no sound.

The US government takes UFO analysis seriously. In late 2017, the New York Times published an article pointing out that between 2007 and 2012 the Pentagon had spent tens of millions of dollars on a program in this area.

The aerospace threat program, involving surveillance of UFOs, was not posted by the Pentagon. It is within its framework that the studies of flying objects took place, the movement of which did not conform to the laws of physics. Specialists were looking at an oval flying aircraft chased off the coast of California in 2004 by two American F / A-18 fighters.

The project was launched after Bob Bigelow, founder of Bigelow Aerospace, declared that extraterrestrials were visiting our planet. He had succeeded in persuading Democratic Senator Harry Reid of the need for this program. Officially, the latter was closed for “saving budget funds”.

But the United States is not the only one interested in UFOs.

In January 2016, the CIA declassified hundreds of documents on UFO sightings around the world, including Germany, the Belgian Congo (a colony that existed until 1960) and the USSR.

According to The Mirror , these documents take stock of the UFO investigations until 1978.

Much of the record is devoted to observations made in the late 1940s and 1950s. 1952 documents contain information on flying objects seen in eastern Germany, Spain, northern Africa and above uranium mines in the Belgian Congo.

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