A golden cigar-shaped object is seen in live NASA footage of the ISS. The clips is from Dec. 5 and is 3 minutes and 57 seconds long. Alien hunters say it is a UFO that could be reading the minds of the astronauts. Others say it could be just be low-resolution of the footage.

Most of the UFOs spotted in space are said to be brightly coloured orbs,  but a recent sighting may change the way we perceive alien craft – if UFO hunters are to be believed.


YOUTUBE,  Streetcap1 (MailOnline) – A golden cigar-shaped UFO was seen traveling alongside the International Space Station in a live NASA web feed, leading some conspiracy theorists to claim it is ‘investigating the thoughts’ of the astronauts’ aboard the ship.

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The clip shows the mysterious object in the distance flash bright red and blue lights before disappearing without a trace.

This bizarre sighting occurred December 5 and was shared on YouTube by Streetcap1.

The video is 3 minutes and 57 seconds long and shows the outside of the station, but if you look just a little to the right there seems to be an object traveling at the same speed.

‘This is an unidentified flying object near the ISS,’ writes Streetcap1.

‘It eventually just disappears.’

‘You may notice some very fast red flashes near it.’

‘I have uploaded it just as was broadcast so many people must have seen it too.’

A small red light appears around 2:06 in the video that gets bigger and bigger, but then the object slowly begins to vanish.

However at 3:22, seconds before it disappears, a bright blue light quickly flashes on the screen.

A few commentators shared their opinion on the events and what the unidentified object could be.

One YouTuber said it looks like a Saturn Ringmaker, a conspiracy theory that suggests Saturn’s rings were formed by a specific group of UFOs.

Another appears to have a more detailed answer about this mystery.

‘Might just be the low pixels, but if you look close the Light bar is part of a triangle facing right,’ Earth Inc. wrote.

Although Streetcap1 did not mention or assume it was a UFO, Scott C Waring with UFO Sightings Daily.com is sure it is.

‘WOW! This golden cigar UFO was seen on live space station cam yesterday,’ Waring shares in his blog.

‘As proof to this being a real object, the UFO is slightly touching the light…lighting up one end of the UFO).

‘That is proof that this is a solid object and its shadows are due to the light from the sun’.

He also offers reasons to why these aliens would be tracking the ISS.

Waring believes they are either invited to vising the NASA spaceship or are ‘investigating the thoughts of the astronauts’.



Sightings of this kind are not uncommon, and NASA has spoken out in the past to explain that the ‘UFOs’ and other phenomena spotted in the ISS footage often have simple explanations.

In the case of the’fireball’, the object could be a meteor or space debris – such as a discarded stage of a rocket launch – burning up as it enters Earth’s atmosphere.

Other ‘objects’ may be a result of reflections from the space station windows, structures from the ISS itself, or lights from Earth.

The skies above the home planet are becoming increasingly busy, with communications and research satellites collecting and relaying data for modern life.