SpaceX sold the ticket to its first private passenger

UNITED STATES (VOP TODAY NEWS) – The name of the first passenger of the ship Big Falcon Heavy, which will fly around the moon, will be called on September 17.

Company SpaceX, owned by Ilona Mask, announced that she chose the first passenger to fly on a rocket Big Falcon Heavy around the Moon. The company’s message, published not only on its official website, but also on Twitter, notes that this is “an important step towards providing access for ordinary people dreaming of traveling to space.”

About who and why will go on the first commercial flight on the BFR rocket, SpaceX promised to report on Monday, September 17.

Space company Ilona Mask announced plans to organize a commercial flight around the moon in early 2017. It was assumed that the ship of the company with two space tourists will go to the orbit of the satellite of the Earth at the end of 2018.

However, The Wall Street Journal later referred to the official representative of SpaceX James Gleason announced the postponement of the planned flight in 2019. “SpaceX is still planning to send a private person to make a turn around the moon.” Interest to this from many customers is growing, “the representative of the company specified.

SpaceX is not the only private space company planning to open space for “ordinary people” who can afford it. Earlier it became known that the Blue Origin aerospace company Jeff Bezos intends to begin selling tickets next year.

According to Reuters, a flight in a capsule of New Shepard, designed for 6 passengers, will cost $ 200-300 thousand each.

However, the route will be much shorter than what the company offers Mask: Blue Origin plans to raise tourists only 100 km from the Earth, in the suborbital space.