SpaceX plans to convert atmospheric CO2 into rocket fuel

UNITED STATES (VOP TODAY NEWS) — The climate crisis is actively developing on Earth. Due to increased CO2 emissions since the beginning of the 20th century, temperatures on the planet are rising, initiating a positive feedback cycle that threatens to worsen the climate situation.

According to recent analysis, even if industrialized countries agree to significantly reduce their carbon dioxide emissions, global warming will not slow down until mid-century. Therefore, emission reductions should be coupled with carbon sequestration to avoid the worst-case scenarios.

Meanwhile, the public has also been protesting against the commercialization of outer space for some time. While proponents of private penetration into space, such as Elon Musk, argue that access to space is the key to the survival of human civilization in the long term, critics and opponents of the idea argue that the commercialization of space distracts society from the problems of our planet, and rocket launches lead to excessive carbon emissions. Musk recently announced that SpaceX will launch a CO2 capture program that will create rocket fuel from this carbon-containing gas.

The process begins with the removal of CO2 from the atmosphere using air scrubbers, absorption, chemical catalysts or other standard methods. The captured CO2 will then be converted into hydrocarbons in the aquatic environment (similar to those found in petroleum or natural gas), but the resulting biofuels will emit less CO2 when used. This “negative emissions” technology not only reduces the CO2 content in the atmosphere, but also accelerates humanity’s transition to alternative fuels.

As usual, the announcement was made via Musk’s Twitter account, where he wrote: “SpaceX is embarking on a program to capture CO2 from the atmosphere and turn it into rocket fuel. Join! ” And further: “It will also play an important role in the exploration of Mars” (The atmosphere of Mars is 95% carbon dioxide.)


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