SpaceX plan to settle the moon

UNITED STATES (VOP TODAY NEWS) – The founder of the Mars Society, Robert Zubrin, has unveiled the “Moon Direct” mission that SpaceX can do to settle the moon.

The Lunar Mission’s plan envisages the design of a 12-tonne platform that will land on the moon after being launched from the ground by a Falcon Hefei rocket, which will form the basis of a manned lunar base intended to receive and return spacecraft.

The manned unit is supposed to land in a hole caused by a meteorite on the moon, which will ensure extraction of water resources and utilization of the sun’s energy at the same time.

The man will send the man to the moon in two phases: first the Falcon 9 will move the settlers into the lunar orbit on the Dragon V2, and the astronauts will move to another 8-ton vehicle that will take them to the moon.

Zubren pointed out that SpaceX currently has three components for Moon Direct: the Falcon 9, the Falcon Hefei and the Dragon V2, which is supposed to make the first space flight this year. However, it is necessary to prepare two important components of the mission, namely, a lunar platform and vehicle.