South Korea reports on the possible preparation of the DPRK for missile testing

South Korea recorded the movement of the PRD radar by the PRCS troops to track missiles, which may indicate a possible preparation for a new missile test. About this, referring to sources in the government, Yonhap agency reports.

This is also evidenced by recently intercepted radio signals near the test site.

In particular, in recent days, the frequency of information transmission through radio channels in the area of ​​the test range in the DPRK. However, no one saw the movement of mobile launchers.

The Government of Japan is also concerned about the information about the activity of the North Korean military, which in December are going to hold winter exercises.

“We intend to continue to cooperate with the United States and South Korea, as well as with Russia and China, to exert maximum pressure on North Korea,” said Yoshihide Suga, secretary general of the Japanese Cabinet.

Note that Pyongyang continues the development of nuclear weapons and missile technology, despite the pressure of the world community.

So, in September of this year, the country was told that they had tested a hydrogen bomb.