Here is a simple and effective way to live longer

Physical activity helps combat the aging of the cardiovascular system by lowering the risk of early death, say specialists at the South West Medical School of the University of Texas.

Living longer is quite possible when doing regular physical activities that prove to be effective in preventing early death by combating the aging of the cardiovascular system, say specialists from the Medical School of Canada. Southwestern University of Texas in their article published on the portal MedicalXpress.

To reach this conclusion, the researchers invited more than 50 middle-aged volunteers. The participants were divided into two groups. The first practiced physical activities for two years and the second did yoga.

Sports sessions were held 4-5 times a week and usually lasted 30 minutes, with the exception of one hour for cycling or tennis.

During the first three months, activities were generally of medium intensity to become more intense the next ten months.

The results showed that volunteers in the first group saw their oxygen consumption increase by 18% while the elasticity of their myocardium increased by 25%.

To achieve a better result, scientists advise to start physical activities before 65 years. They warn against the danger of a sedentary lifestyle that causes rigidity of the myocardium and thus the weakening of the vascularization.