Shocking report on the retreat of scarce resources that humanity can not dispense with

UNITED STATES (VOP TODAY NEWS) — Some estimates show that humanity currently uses 50% more resources than its rate of regeneration, but many of the major sources of shocks have not been reported.

The pressure on oil and mineral resources has long been known, but the near-known supply problems of other essentials, largely unnoticed outside the extractive industry, can lead to higher prices, dramatic changes in technology and even a global conflict in decades Coming.

In this regard, the RT site highlights the “hidden” resources, which could be a crisis in the near future:


While the helium is incredibly abundant in the universe (second only to hydrogen), it is not abundant on earth, so production can not be increased when people realize it is almost depleted.

There are also no alternatives to helium, which is an important element that allows humankind to maintain temperatures near absolute zero: which is essential for scientific, industrial and medical research.

MRI and silicon chips in consumer electronics, fiber optics, guided missiles, and even the large Hadron collider need helium. In short, we urgently need this important element, yet no serious steps (if any) have been taken to avoid the global shortage of helium.

Helium is formed by the decomposition of radioactive materials, such as uranium and thorium, and can often be found in natural gas reservoirs. But its separation from natural gas is expensive in many cases, so the cost of helium has increased by 250% in recent years.

– the sand –

Sand is the main component in concrete, asphalt, glass, as well as other building materials, while it is an indispensable part of the silicon used in the electronics industry. Thanks to the spectacular revolution, the oil and gas industry has increased demand for sand.

Sand is arguably the second most widely used resource on our planet after water.

The United Nations estimates that two thirds of the world’s population will live in cities by 2050, which will require a huge increase in construction and infrastructure projects, and the need for huge amounts of sand is increasing.

Moreover, sea level rise around the world requires more sand because concrete barriers are most useful in avoiding coastal flooding. When the sand is extracted from the bottoms of the river and the coasts, it intensifies the flooding, leading to a vicious circle.

It is important to note that a certain type of sand is used in the construction industry, a sand that contains a varied mixture of irregular granules, rather than the fine, round and single-size grains of sand in the global deserts.

– Phosphate rocks –

These rocks, which exist only in some countries: the United States, China and Morocco, are a vital component of fertilizers and complementary to the food security of humankind in the future but are running out.

Morocco alone controls the remaining phosphate reserves in the world. The so-called “peak of phosphorus” is expected sometime between 2035 and 2075, based on estimates using current and projected consumption levels.

There is currently no known alternative to phosphorus in food production. It can not be produced or simulated in the laboratory. The sudden rise in phosphate prices by 800% in 2008 led to riots and suicide among farmers in countries around the world.

However, there is good news that phosphorus can be recovered after it is used and recycled several times, once effective techniques are used to remove it from human and animal waste, food residues and crops.


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