YEMEN – Saudi aircraft raids against two northern provinces of Amran and Saada left at least 10 dead and four wounded on Tuesday (February 6th).

Saudi fighter planes dropped their bombs Tuesday (February 6th) on the Yemeni provinces of Saada and Amran. According to local sources, at least 10 Yemenis died while 4 others were wounded.

Saudi fighters on Tuesday struck a road in an area of ​​Amran province, killing 9 civilians and injuring 3 others.

Some areas of Sa’ada province have also been subject to rocket attacks by Riyadh regime soldiers causing several casualties among civilians.

3 vehicles were also destroyed on Monday, February 5, in the northern province of Saada killing about ten people.

Saudi Arabia launched a military intervention against Yemen in March 2015 to return resigning President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi to power. More than 14,000 people have been killed and tens of thousands more injured since the Saudi offensive against its southern neighbor.

Since the Saudi aggression against the poorest country in the Arabian Peninsula, the British government has sold more than $ 2 billion worth of weapons to the Riyadh regime.

In response to the Saudi regime’s air raids on Yemeni residential areas, the Ansarallah snipers shot dead two Saudi soldiers at the Saudi base in al-Chorfa and another locality in Najran.