Search for alien civilizations offered to lead on the brilliance of their solar panels

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UNITED STATES (VOP TODAY NEWS) — Astrophysicists have calculated that mass production of energy using silicon-based solar panels can indicate the presence of a technically advanced civilization on the planet.

The search for highly developed civilizations on distant planets is still limited to the analysis of radio signals in an attempt to find among them something resembling an ordered message. Apart from a few rather dubious cases , nothing of the kind has been recorded so far.

The universe is silent, but perhaps the problem is that we are not listening to it so much. Analysis of messages implies that their structure will in any case be clear and identifiable, although in the case of a different, not similar to our reason, this may not be the case, said Adam Frank, professor at the University of Rochester, who publishes the column The Atlantic.

However, any civilization needs energy, and the astrophysicists of the SETI project Manasvi Lingam (Manasvi Lingam) and Avi Loeb (Avi Loeb) thought about the possibility of searching for signals related to energy production, more precisely, producing electricity from the radiation of the parent star. Solar energy is also actively developing on Earth, sooner or later it will amount to a very noticeable — if not the lion’s — share of the total production.

It is estimated that to cover all the needs of mankind it will be enough to cover only the Sahara territory with solar panels. However, such an array should affect the brilliance of the entire planet, and these changes can theoretically be registered from a distance.

Loeb and Lingam carried out calculations on how the large-scale areas of silicon-based panels change the characteristics of the emission of its parent star reflected by the planet. Scientists have shown that their presence should create a characteristic signal – a failure in the ultraviolet part of the spectrum.

By analogy with the “red edge”, characteristic of the spectrum of chlorophyll, scientists called it the “silicon edge” (silicon edge).

On the one hand, such an approach may not seem to be a very big change in comparison with the search for a radio signal: the search for the “silicon border” will be effective only if the alien civilization uses its compounds for energy.

On the other hand, the choice of substances suitable for this is not so large, and if we take into account the high abundance of silicon, we most likely will not make a mistake by assuming that it is used on other planets to power technologically advanced civilizations.


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