A research team from the Far Eastern Federal University, together with colleagues from Switzerland and Germany, discovered that the eel-eating eel-skinned cucumeria, which belongs to the class of sea cucumbers, contains a substance capable of killing tumor cells.

Scientific researcher of the Pacific Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Far East Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Laboratory of Biologically Active Substances of the School of Natural Sciences of the Far Eastern Federal University Sergey Dyshlova explained that Frondoside A acts on cells lacking the p53 protein.

In tumor cells, p53, which is a tumor suppressor, mutates and ceases to perform its protective functions. Scientists tested the action of Frondoside A on cells of bladder cancer and lymphoma resistant to the action of chemotherapeutic drugs.

The compound effectively destroyed even those cancer cells with which chemical preparations could not cope.

The authors note that the next step will be to check the detected property of Frondoside A in laboratory animals. Only after that it will be possible to proceed to clinical trials.

“The study of marine hydrobionts is quite promising for the search for new anticancer compounds,” stresses Sergei Dyshlova. – Marine invertebrates accumulate highly active substances in their bodies for their own protection. These compounds have various, including medicinal properties, that were created by nature and selected by millions of years of evolution. ”

An example of this is the “Sea Masterpiece” chocolate containing substances isolated from sea stars and sea urchins. Researchers from the Pacific Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry FEB RAS assert that the use of such an antioxidant-rich product regulates metabolism, slows down aging and promotes longevity.