Scientists: Warm climate brings death to humanity

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UNITED STATES (VOP TODAY NEWS) – Global warming affects the frequency of deadly natural disasters, including hurricanes and storms. This conclusion was made by scientists of the Colombian School of Engineering and Applied Sciences from the United States.

According to researchers, climate warming will lead to an increase in precipitation and stormwater runoff, and then to large-scale flooding. This writes the portal EurekAlert!.

As a result of analyzes of precipitation and runoff in recent years, scientists have concluded that the number of heavy rains and the volume of storm drains gradually increase, which, as a result, reach extreme values.

Moreover, changes in storm drains were higher than those of precipitation. This is due to differences in land use, water management and land cover.

Experts believe that their research will contribute to the development of a new water management system in a changing climate and will help to avoid frequent flooding.