Scientists have told us how many magnetic storms can cover the Earth in 2018

Artist's impression of a transiting Jupiter-mass exoplanet around a star slightly more massive than the Sun, such as the one discovered around SWEEPS-04.
UNITED STATES (VOP TODAY NEWS) – Several dozen magnetic storms, including two to four very strong, are expected on Earth in 2018, the Antistikhia Center predicts.

Magnetic storms on the Earth begin when the plasma ejected by the Sun “hit” into the planet’s magnetosphere. Charged particles cause geomagnetic disturbances. If they reach great strength, this can lead to malfunctions in electronic equipment, interruptions to radio communication and on electrical networks.

“20-35 geomagnetic storms are expected in 2018, among them two or four large and very large.” The probability of a storm of the highest category (extreme) is about 5%,” the document says.

High-energy electron fluxes will regularly increase, some of them will be long (five days or more), which can adversely affect the electronics of geostationary and low-orbit satellites. “Electronic increases can be the most dangerous factor of space weather next year,” the forecast says.

According to the Antistikhia Center, from January 1 to December 1, 2017, 29 geomagnetic storms were recorded on Earth, including two large and one very large.

Earlier it was reported that the third in 2018, a magnetic storm will cover the Earth on March 18. An indignant geomagnetic situation is expected on 14, 16 and 17 March. Before that, a weak magnetic storm was registered on February 19, and the very first event since the beginning of the year was fixed on January 15.