Scientists proposed to catch up with the asteroid that had flown into the solar system

Scientists proposed to catch up and explore the unusual asteroid that flew into the solar system, which was opened in October this year.

The asteroid Oumuamua differs from all the previously known huge hyperbolic speed and atypical form: it looks like an elongated cigar – its length is ten times the width. In addition, the celestial body has a dark red hue, similar to what objects have in the outer parts of the solar system.

An unusual asteroid that has entered our system represents a unique opportunity to study for the first time the sample of a substance that has flown from interstellar space: its age, its composition, its properties.

A group of scientists and engineers proposed the project “Lira”, within which it is proposed to catch up with the asteroid for its further study. The peculiarity of the project is that modern technologies are not able to provide the required probe speed.

The authors of the project hope for new technologies like solar sail or those proposed in the project of businessman Yuri Milner and physicist Stephen Hawking Breakthrough Starshot (nanosatellite, “driven” by the laser from the Earth).

Scientists say that the actual timing of the launch of the probe to Oumuamua is 2023-2027. Then at the speed of the device from 33 to 76 km / s the mission time will take 5 to 30 years.