A group of scientists from several universities in the UK have determined what emotions a person causes different types of alcohol when consuming it. This is published by BMJ Open.

The study involved more than 30 thousand respondents aged 18 to 31 years from 21 countries. Experts used the world’s largest database Global Drug Survey, which contains data from anonymous surveys on alcohol and drugs.

Subjects had to answer questions about the number and types of alcohol, as well as their emotions, which causes in a person the use of a particular type of alcohol.

According to the results of the survey, experts revealed the relationship between different alcoholic beverages and emotions that people experienced, reports Ridus.

It was found that strong drinks lead to a feeling of relaxation much less often than beer: more than half of the respondents associated a sense of relaxation with a foamy drink.

A fifth of the respondents said that the sense of calm caused by them consumption of whiskey or gin.

Half of the respondents confessed to the appearance of a sense of aggression after consuming vodka, cognac and whiskey.

Some of the respondents associated strong alcohol with confidence and sexual attraction.

Now, researchers are going to apply these results in order to effectively combat patients with alcohol dependence.