Scientists found a cure for “invulnerable” prostate cancer in coffee

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UNITED STATES (VOP TODAY NEWS) — Japanese molecular biologists have found two substances in coffee beans that slow down or stop the growth of various types of prostate cancer, including its invulnerable species. They told about this discovery at the annual congress of the European Association of Urology in Barcelona.

“This is a very important and interesting discovery, but we don’t need to force people to drink more coffee. This drink has both positive and negative qualities. On the other hand, if we confirm our findings and understand how these substances work, we will get the first medicine from “invulnerable prostate cancer,” said Atsushi Mizokami of Kanazawa University (Japan).

Prostate cancer is one of the most common types of cancer among men and one of the main causes of their death after heart and vascular disease, lung cancer and melanoma. According to WHO statistics, every seventh man becomes a victim of this form of cancer by the age of 65-70, but in most cases doctors manage to save the patient.

As is the case with other forms of cancer, the patient’s probability of survival depends most of all on how quickly the tumor was found. Almost all men survive if the tumor is removed in the early stages of development, whereas for neglected forms of carcinoma, this figure drops to 29 percent.

Such statistics encourage scientists to simultaneously develop early methods for diagnosing prostate cancer and look for drugs that can destroy tumor cells in the early stages of their growth. In addition, for now, scientists have no way to destroy those subspecies of tumors that standard chemotherapy does not work on.

Mizokami and his colleagues discovered two substances in a coffee extract that can solve all these problems by studying how the various biological active components of this drink, including caffeine itself, affect the behavior and growth of cancer cells.

According to doctors, they paid attention to coffee after other scientists who collected extensive statistics on the incidence of prostate cancer, noticed that coffee lovers were about 11 percent less likely to suffer from similar tumors than other men.

They checked, one way or the other, by selecting the six most active substances from the coffee extract and checking whether the various combinations of these molecules and all these compounds separately would inhibit the growth of different types of carcinoma.

In addition to experiments in test tubes, scientists conducted similar experiments on mice in whose body small fragments of tumors were implanted.

As these experiments showed, at once two substances present in coffee – cafestol and caveolae, plant signaling molecules – have powerful anti-cancer properties. Their combination, according to Japanese researchers, slowed the growth of the most “invulnerable” types of prostate cancer by about two times during experiments on mice.

In turn, high concentrations of these compounds destroyed all cells of less resistant types of tumors when they were grown in vitro during the first day after the start of observations. How exactly they work, scientists do not yet know, but they plan to reveal the secret of their actions in the very near future.

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