Scientists discovered “Great Earth” outside our solar system

UNITED STATES (VOP TODAY NEWS) – Scientists have discovered 15 new planets, revolving around small, cool stars known as the “red dwarfs” near our solar system.

Among these new planets, the researchers found the “super-Earth” called “K2-155d”, where researchers expect the possibility of containing liquid water and possible life.

K2-155d is one of the three satellites orbiting the planet K2-155, the brightest of the red pygmies. It is located in an area called the habitable zone about 200 light-years from Earth.

Among the three satellites of the planet “K2-155”, “K2-155d” can be within the habitable zone, about 1.6 the size of the earth. According to the researchers, this “great land” may contain liquid water on its surface, based on the simulated climate they have created.

The researchers, led by Teruyuki Hirano of the Department of Earth and Planetary Science at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, will not know whether the new Earth-like planet is habitable until they can determine the size and temperature of its star more precisely, requiring further research and studies.

“We assumed in our simulations that the atmosphere and the composition of the planet are like Earth, and there is no guarantee that it is true,” said Hirano, who led the study.

One of the main results of the simulation, the 15 planets revolving around the red dwarfs, may have characteristics very similar to planets in our solar system.

The red dwarf is a relatively small star and is the most common star type in the Milky Way.

With the launch of NASA’s TESS satellite in April 2018, Dr. Hirano and his team hope to explore more planets and study them for more information on how they form and whether they can support life in space.