Scientists developed a cure for autism

The first tests on animals have already shown: instant improvements appear from the first reception.

Neurobiologists from the Scripps Research Institute have developed a unique drug for the treatment of severe forms of brain damage, reports EurekAlert!

The first tests of the drug NitroSynapsin on rodents showed that correction of brain activity and correction of anomalies are not only possible, but also work in an integrated approach to the treatment of diseases.

The drug, which allows to carry out therapy and correction of such genes as MEF2C, corrects the majority of serious forms of brain damage and gradually returns the brain to its normal state – this was achieved by complex treatment with an aminoadamantane-nitrate compound.

Among other things, the drug significantly improves the synaptic function – the transmission of a nerve impulse between two cells. Scientists note that the drug is almost ready for clinical studies.