If Sweden joins NATO, Russia will have to radically change its military planning, said Russian Ambassador to Stockholm Viktor Tatarintsev.

As the diplomat noted, if Sweden wants to join NATO, it will be a sovereign decision of the Swedish people. Of course, Russia “would not jump with joy and happiness from such a decision,” the ambassador said in an interview with the Swedish newspaper Dagens industri.

However, Tatarintsev continued, Sweden’s accession to the North Atlantic Alliance would mean a radical change in the security situation in the region.

In this case, Russia, in order to protect itself from the NATO attack from the Swedish territory, will have to take adequate measures, first of all it will concern military planning.

The Russian diplomat reminded that an annual conference on security issues in the north of Sweden “The People and Defense” opens on Sunday. As expected, it will be visited by the NATO Secretary General.

The Russian embassy in Stockholm was trying to get an invitation to this conference for military and political experts from the Russian Federation from the spring of last year, but his efforts were unsuccessful.

“If NATO is there, then Russia should be there, too. If Sweden is free of alliances, then it should be monitored to maintain a balance,” Tatarintsev stressed.

Commenting on individual statements that Russia is to blame for the worsening security situation in the Baltic region, the diplomat called such words “nonsense”. “The tension in the Baltic Sea is due to the military activity of NATO,” he said.