Russia will hit the US base at al-Tanf?

UNITED STATES, WASHINGTON (VOP TODAY NEWS) — While the Iraqi Resistance, the Syrian Army and Iran are close to completely restore the Iran-Mediterranean strategic corridor, an earthly corridor that will largely ensure the energy needs of the Syrian state while allowing the three countries that are Iran, Iraq and Syria to diversify their energy transit routes, new revelations throw a corner of veil over the US actions to counter this vast project that China says it wants to join, reports Iranian Press TV.

According to the staff of the Russian army, the US base in al-Tanf has become a center for controlling the smuggling and looting of Syrian oil. The terrorists are sent from al-Tanf to other parts of Syria where they attack the positions of the Syrian army or attack Syrian oil pipelines or railways.

This is a vast project involving both Turkey and Israel, both heavily involved in the smuggling of Syrian oil. An Israeli businessman has just been appointed by the United States to head the oil smuggling and trafficking network from eastern Syria to the Mediterranean.

According to the head of the main operational command of the staff of the Russian Armed Forces, Sergei Rudskoi, terrorists trained in the al-Tanf area are supposed to destroy oil and gas infrastructure and attack Syrian government forces.

“Within a 55-km radius around the US base in al-Tanf, US instructors are preparing a large military training for the so-called” Mahavir as-Saura “terrorist militia as well as for many small groups within ‘Army of the Arab tribes’. Their numbers reach 2,700 people, “said the Russian general.

“Their goal is to lead diversions, destroy oil infrastructure and commit attacks against the government army. The presence of such small groups has been noted in the localities of Soueïda, Palmyra and Boukamel”, added the high-ranking officer emphasizing that the best prepared militiamen will then be transferred by the helicopters of the US Air Force on the eastern bank of the Euphrates.

The Russian general has not mentioned the particularly sensitive nature of the region of Soueida, mostly populated by Druze, which Israel is trying to exploit, while the United States and its allies believe they have been able to bury Russia and the Syrian Army in Idlib and consider it a good time to open the Syrian southern front, thanks to a Jordanian contribution.

For Moscow, the United States, which constantly obstructs any humanitarian plan aimed at resolving crises in the region, is responsible for the deaths of civilians. And this state of affairs and especially shouting at al-Rukban, refugee camp at al-Tanf.

But how does the US organize the smuggling of Syrian oil?

According to the Russian Defense, US private military companies (SMP) in Syria employ some 3,000 mercenaries, involved in the looting of Syria’s hydrocarbon resources as well as in the systematic sabotage of Syrian energy pipelines and pipelines.

While the United States and its satellites control some 80 percent of the deposits in northern and eastern Syria, they now covet the Konako, al-Omar and Tanak deposits on the eastern bank of the Euphrates. A long and interminable conflict in Idlib will allow Americans to settle on the shore to accelerate this looting.

“There is a criminal chain of cross-border deliveries of Syrian oil. It is simply the plunder of Syria’s national wealth […] This US SMP activity continues under the protection of the international coalition aviation. This is a smuggling that Daesh used earlier and that the Americans have now appropriated,” Rudskoy said.

In November last year, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that Moscow had information about the US military training of militiamen in the al-Tanf area where finds a large US military base near the Syria-Iraq-Jordan border triangle and not far from the Baghdad to Damascus road.

The news comes in conjunction with the intensification of Daesh attacks against the Syrian army in eastern Syria. Daesh has launched, in the last two weeks heavy attacks against the positions of the latter around the vile key of al-Mayadeen in the governorate of Deir ez-Zor. The latest is Saturday, July 27 in the locality of Badiya al-Mayadeen where several Syrian soldiers were wounded.

According to a security source in Damascus, the recent Daesh attacks in eastern Syria are not a coincidence and the terrorists would regroup at this time to prepare for a major assault that could lead to the takeover of several localities in this area. vast desert region of Syria.

The source added that the Syrian army is aware of the activities of Daesh and that the problem comes from the geographical positioning, rather favorable to the terrorist group; the terrorists apparently being able to hide easily in the caves and in the mountains of the governorates of Homs and Deir ez-Zor. And the Syrian army is not the only target of Daesh.


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