Russia spied France in space? The Russian side responds

UNITED STATES (VOP TODAY NEWS) – While the French Minister of Armed Forces accused a Russian satellite of having spied on one of their satellites, a source at the Russian Embassy in Paris said that Russia had already clarified the situation six months earlier and that France at the time did not describe these actions as a breach of international law.

France has long received explanations about the rapprochement of Russian and French satellites . The French side has no longer addressed him in order to obtain additional information, the Russian side considered that the incident was closed, said a source in the Russian Embassy in Paris.

“The French side has expressed concern about the” dangerous rapprochement “of the Russian and French satellites, which took place long ago, and received exhaustive explanations about it more than six months ago. And at no time did the French question the fact that there had been no violation of the norms of international law or security rules relating to the movement of space objects,” explained the interlocutor.

“No additional calls have been received since then and we consider that the problem is closed. The question of why the French Defense Minister decided to come back suddenly to this story six months later and in such a strange form should be put to the French side,” he added.

Last week, the Minister of Armed Forces, Florence Parly, announced that the Russian satellite Louch-Olymp had approached a little too close to the Franco-Italian satellite Athena-Fidus in 2017, calling it an “act of ‘spying”.