Russia Removes George Soros Backed & Funded Groups

George Soros wanted man in Russia - as Putin issues international arrest warrant
George Soros wanted man in Russia - as Putin issues international arrest warrant

Alex Jones breaks down how Russia is taking a stand against the New World Order and has removed several George Soros’ groups which were set up to do nothing but destabilize the country. Billionaire investor George Soros told the World Bank this week that the planet is on the verge of a third world war that could arise out of an economic collapse in China.

By Nerti U. Qatja@VOP_Today

“If there is conflict between China and a ally of the United States, like Japan, then it is not an exaggeration to say that we are on the threshold of Soros said during a Bretton Woods conference.

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The billionaire warned that China’s difficulty in transitioning from an export economy to a domestic demand-led system could force Beijing to whip up a conflict with an external enemy in a bid to keep the country from collapsing.

Soros said the only solution to the prospect was to allow China to join the IMF’s basket of global currencies so that it could compete with the dollar.

Without this measure, Soros warned that, “there is a real danger that China will align itself with Russia politically and militarily, and then the threat of third world war becomes real, so it is worth trying.”

Soros’ comments came in the same week that CNN revealed how China’s Navy has repeatedly issued warnings to U.S. surveillance planes flying over the South China Sea. Beijing is attempting to increase its influence by building a series of man made islands in the region.

Authoritarian billionaire George Soros has built a business empire that dominates Europe while forging a political machine powered by non-profit foundations which threatens American liberties. As the world economy imploded in 2008 global financier George Soros worked feverishly on a book about the crash in which he detailed the specific actions that needed to be taken by governments and banking institutions to prevent a complete global meltdown. From bailouts to energy price hikes, his recommendations came to pass, almost exactly as he described them in The Crash of 2008 and What It Means.

To say Soros is influential within the realms of business and politics would be an understatement. He is considered by many to sit within the very inner circle of the elite. With direct ties to the White House, leading financial institutions and as gatekeeper of the financial assets of many ultra-wealthy individuals, Soros may well be one of the few who call the shots.

The catalyst is impossible to predict, but it could be something as seemingly insignificant as the assassination of a member of the elite. Following the murder of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in late June of 1914 all hell broke loose.