By 2025, energy consumption of mining farms will exceed electricity consumption by electric vehicles.

For the first time in Russia, a private investor purchased a power plant for the work of a computer center, where crypto-currencies will crash, Kommersant reports .

“T Plus” Viktor Vekselberg F 10 sold two thermal power plants in Udmurtia and Perm. According to the newspaper, the real buyer was businessman Alexei Kolesnik, who is the head of Gubakhin Energy Company (GEK), which includes both facilities.

The total capacity is 33.6 megawatts, the cost is about 160 million rubles. “The sale of generation was caused by loss-making primarily Kozlovskaya GRES, supplying heat to the city of Gubakha”, – noted in the material.

The businessman confirmed to the newspaper that he was considering a variant with crypto-currency mining, but was waiting for the adoption of relevant laws. Now the status of digital money in Russia is not defined and, although transactions with them are not regulated in any way, the withdrawal of the crypto currency into the Fiat can be considered by the authorities as illegal financial transactions.

Kolesnikov said that the main plan for energy use is the provision of a data center, in which, in addition to mining, it is possible to store data, a large volume of which must be collected by Internet services and operators, according to the law of Yarovoi.

Consumption of energy for mining kritpovalyut becomes a noticeable problem in the world. According to the assessment of Morgan Stanley analyst Nicholas Ashvorsa, in 2018 the consumption of computing systems for mining Bitcoins and other digital money will be 140 TWh, or 0.6% of world electricity production.

This is comparable to the energy consumption of the whole of Argentina. Experts predict that by 2025 the energy consumption of mining farms will exceed electricity consumption by electric vehicles.

However, the states are concerned about the energy balance right now. In China, the ICO and the withdrawal of the crypto currency in Fiat are forbidden, but the mining itself was not pursued earlier, but yesterday the provincial authorities were instructed to facilitate the termination of the crypto currency, according to the Financial Times.

As a result, owners of farms began to plan their transfer to other countries, preference is given to those where the climate is cool and inexpensive energy: this is Russia, as well as Canada, Iceland and some countries of Eastern Europe. The ban on mining is explained by concern about reducing energy consumption.

Calculate the miners will be just for energy consumption and the purchase of private power plants – one way to soften the state’s attitude, ceasing to create a strain on national energy networks.

In addition, energy – the main point of costs for mining, along with the purchase of equipment, and the acquisition of alternative energy sources makes sense in countries with expensive electricity or frequent outages.