Russia and China want to militarize space: US National Intel

UNITED STATES – Russia and China will attempt to militarize outer space, despite formal calls not to place weapons there, the director of the US National Intelligence Daniel Coates said.

The militarization of space is largely prohibited by the International Treaty on Outer Space (1967).

“Russia and China continue to publicly and diplomatically promote international agreements on the non-deployment of weapons in outer space and on the “absence of the first deployment of weapons in outer space.”

“However, many weapons will not be considered in the framework of such proposals, which will allow them (Russia and China) to continue their efforts to build the capacity to wage space war, while publicly maintaining that space should be a peaceful area,” says Coates’ report, published on the website of the US Senate Intelligence Committee.

On Tuesday, the head of the department speaks on this committee together with the leaders of other US special services on the world’s threats.