NATO almost 780 times raised the alarm it located Russian fighter jets in Europe in 2016.

It is the largest number of departures since the end of the Cold War, the official representative of the NATO airbase in Ramstein (Germany).

In 2015, the total number of departures on alert NATO fighter aircraft made 410, he added in an interview published on Saturday.

This increase, according to the representative of the alliance is associated with a significant deterioration in the security situation in the Middle East and military participation of Russia in the conflict in Syria, which has led to increasingly frequent departures of the Turkish Air Force under NATO command in 2016.

According to a spokesman of the alliance, departures alarm, non-Russian aircraft in Europe, are relatively rare in the past year there were 90, they are associated with the identification and observation of military aircraft of other foreign countries, or does not recognize the right civilian and cargo aircraft.

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