Vladimir Putin signed a decree against anonymity on the Internet and on the settlement of similar media services.

Examples are given news aggregators, social networks, instant messengers and “sites on the Internet.”


Such measures are necessary to “form in the Russian information space, taking into account the needs of citizens.

This follows from the “Strategy of development of information society in the Russian Federation in 2017-2030 years”, published on the website of the President (Strategy is available in pdf format).

Within six months, the government will engage the support of traditional media and the settlement of the situation with similar services.

In this case we are talking about the news aggregators, social networks, Internet TV, instant messengers, as well as “sites on the Internet.”

According to the decree, such measures are necessary for the “formation in the Russian information space, taking into account the needs of citizens and society in obtaining high-quality and reliable information.”

In addition, the text of the document is requested to take measures to avoid the anonymity of Internet users and their “irresponsibility and impunity.”

It is also planned to establish a special system that guarantees “the personal safety of users of their information confidential.”

It is noted that by October 1, 2017 officials should develop a set of measures that will enable public authorities to go to the Russian encryption, as well as to create the infrastructure of the Russian system of protection against cyberattacks.