President-elect Donald Trump extended an offer to Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte to visit the White House next year, an aide to the foreign leader says.

Christopher Go, a special adviser to Duterte, says the president-elect and the Philippine leader had a ‘very engaging, animated’ talk today that lasted more than seven minutes.

Duterte lost out on a bilateral meeting with President Barack Obama this fall after calling him a ‘son of a b****’.


WASHINGTON DC, United States. Francesca Chambers, White House Correspondent For Dailymail told that the Philippine president has professed a kinship with Trump, whose cursing on the campaign trail raised eyebrows more than once.

Duterte also ran on an anti-establishment and populist platform, winning the presidency in his country after a record turnout among voters.

Trump’s campaign had not provided a read out of the call as of Friday afternoon.

Go told Reuters Duterte invited Trump to attend the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) when it is held in the Philippines next year, as is customary for the U.S. president.

Duterte said last month, a day after Hillary Clinton’s unexpected defeat, that he doesn’t want to ‘quarrel’ with the United States anymore because Trump won. He has continued to opine on U.S. ‘hypocrisy’ since.

‘I would like to congratulate Mr. Donald Trump. Long live,’ he said last month, according to CNBC. ‘We are both making curses. Even with trivial matters we curse. I was supposed to stop because Trump is there. I don’t want to quarrel anymore, because Trump has won.’

Obama and Duterte were supposed to meet for talks in Laos in September.

The White House cancelled the meeting after Duterte’s derogatory remarks, which he apologized for a day later, saying through is spokesman he regrets that ‘it came across as a personal attack on the US President.’

The two leaders shared ‘pleasantries’ and had a ‘brief discussion’ later in the week at a conference but the angry outburst at the American president cost Duterte his sit-down with the world leader.

‘It was not a long interaction, and what I indicated to him is that my team should be meeting with his and determine how we can move forward on a range of issues,’ Obama said at a news conference.

Duterte says he wasn’t talking about the U.S. leader when he uttered the slur – he was denouncing the journalist who asked him the question.

‘Who does he think he is? I am no American puppet. I am the president of a sovereign country and I am not answerable to anyone except the Filipino people,’ Duterte said in his response. ‘Son of a b****, I will swear at you.’

The Philippine leader was provoked by the White House’s insistence that Obama would bring up extrajudicial killings in the country that are a byproduct of its aggressive war on drugs.

Trump told Reuters that Duterte’s swearing showed ‘a lack of respect for our country.’ He also emphasized the ‘very important strategic location’ of the Philippines.

It has served as a regional counterbalance to China, a country Trump has threatened to expose as a currency manipulator.

In October, Duterte announced a ‘separation’ from the United States.

Duterte has regularly rails against Washington’s, saying the day after Trump’s electoral victory, ‘They talk as if we are still the colonies.’

‘You do not give us the aid, s***, to hell with you,’ he said.