Planet in danger! — 15,000 scientists from 184 countries signed a ‘Warning to mankind’

Researchers from 184 countries pointed to statistics, according to which for a quarter of a century mankind has not managed to solve most environmental problems.
More than 15 thousand scientists from different countries have signed their own signatures under the second “Warning to Humanity”.

They did this in order to draw people’s attention to the disastrous ecological changes of the planet, says the manifesto, published in the journal BioScience.

The first appeal appeared in late 1992.

Then under it 1700 scientists have signed, including Nobel laureates. In it it was told that the world’s population began to destroy nature. And the degree of damage that Earth has caused or potentially can cause such phenomena as depletion of the ozone layer, destruction of the flora and fauna of the oceans, the disappearance of forests, climate change, is too terrible.

And after 25 years a second warning was issued.

This time, more than 15 thousand scientists from 184 countries of the world put their signatures under it. They published statistics according to which for a quarter of a century mankind failed to solve environmental problems, and many of them only became more serious.

However, there were positive moments in the document. For example, researchers noted that the amount of ozone-depleting substances worldwide has decreased.

In their manifestos, scientists do not get tired of warning that time is running out. And soon it will be too late to change course and get away from a failed trajectory.

“We must understand, both in our daily life and at the level of state institutions, that the Earth, with all the life on it, is our only home,” says the Warning of Mankind.