Pentagon would develop a new strategy against Moscow and Beijing

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UNITED STATES (VOP TODAY NEWS) — Before the speech of US Air Force Commander David Goldfein at the Brookings Institution on February 19, military experts had only heard of a “need to hit the main US adversaries”. But experts certainly did not know that the Pentagon was already developing a new strategy of war against Russia and China, writes the daily Gazeta.

The journalist who described this event for the German magazine Telepolis noted that the new American strategy was reminiscent of the famous Trojan Horse.

The American generals and admirals constantly evoke the need to develop new concepts of operations against Russia and China. At an Atlantic Council conference in early February, Admiral John Richardson, US Chief of Naval Operations, accused Russia and China of intending to use their fleets to take land territory and other countries to build their power.

“It’s time to act first,” he said.

Two weeks later, General Goldfein officially declared that within a year his department would work with the Army, US Navy and United States Navy on a concept of operation against Moscow and Beijing. that is, the new strategy of a future war. The latter would consist of a discrete invasion deep into the territory of these countries.

This strategy is based on the use of the asymmetric US military advantage acting in unified formations, which will force the enemy to simultaneously complete a multitude of complex strategic and tactical tasks, as well as to react to strikes. on very diverse and undefined axes in advance.

The Pentagon’s new strategic plan contains the idea of ​​a discrete joint penetration of US units into enemy territory on the ground, by air, at sea and under water, to place the adversary in an extremely difficult situation.

The general also noted that the creation of new means, forms and methods of penetration of US troops on the territory of Russia and China would require 135 billion dollars.
The general made the remarks in a context where many US officials point to Russia’s excessive aggression and increased military potential.

Politicians, senior officials and the military are also concerned about China’s military capacity building, which is bridging the gap between the Beijing and Washington armed forces and threatens US leadership on the scene.

As noted by several Russian and foreign media, the Pentagon’s new strategic ideas are based on creating the conditions to carry unexpected, high-precision strikes against the enemy’s weak points, while avoiding confrontation. with the well-organized and reinforced units of the Russian and Chinese armies.

As the general noted, the terms of the new strategy will extend to all US military corps, but special emphasis will be placed on the use of F-35 fighter squadrons as pointers. and coordinate the actions of the offensive units to launch the strikes.

“It’s a fundamental change both culturally and technically,” said the general.

“If China, Russia or another opponent ever saw an F-35 in its airspace, it would mean,” We are here. ” And no “I’m here” because it is unlikely that an F-35 will act alone. It would only represent the infiltrated part of the unified forces, “David Goldfein said.

“It will mean: we are here, we have been there for a long time, we have been watching you for a long time, we know what is going on and have already crossed the entire defense on which you were counting,” the general noted. And to add: “Your defense is holed like Swiss cheese, we know where these holes are, we can use them, we can get through and keep your territory in our line of sight.”

According to the general, US special forces will act parallel to the ground and submarines will be close to the enemy’s coasts. “This will be a real-time network war where not only airplanes or submarines, but also land forces will have to be stealthy,” says the Air Force commander.

Telepolis notes that as with many weapons systems whose effectiveness is not proven in reality, the plans of the US military have primarily a propaganda and deterrence objective through the information war. The magazine states that the military must emphasize its importance and obtain funding, for which it is necessary to invent and “sell” new ideas.

As the Russian Armed Forces Chief of Staff Valeri Guerassimov said in early March, the US is working on a “Trojan Horse” strategy, which combines tools of political pressure inside Russia with military strikes.

“The Pentagon has started developing a brand new strategy for military activities that has already been dubbed” Trojan Horse “. It involves actively using the protest potential of the fifth column to destabilize the situation while simultaneously launching a strike with high-precision weapons against the most important sites,” said the general.

According to him, for its part Russia is preparing its “active defense strategy”, developed with the participation of “military researchers”.

“The work of military researchers must aim to validate the measures under development. This is one of the priority areas for guaranteeing state security. We must get ahead of the enemy in the development of military strategy, have a head start, “said General Guerassimov.

However, the US General Goldfein, in his speech on YouTube, did not say that the Pentagon intended to use elements of political pressure, including the fifth column, and did not mention the “Trojan Horse” in his speech.

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